I write audio software and distributed storage.

My passion is high quality software and beautiful music.

I can be reached via liam@ziptech.io


CloudLoop is a collaborative loop station and sample publication platform.

CloudLoop lets musicians anywhere in the world record music together in real time. It then allows users to collect and sell sample libraries and packs of their own content, as well as build sample libraries with others in real time.

CloudLoop won honorable mention in the Skynet SkyDB Hackathon in 2021

DCI Scores Bot

DCI Scores Bot is a bot which posts the results of Drum Corps International competition results to reddit

Built using Python, PRAW, and BeautifulSoup.


TakeRoot is an android app that allows users to post information about their home-grown produce.

Users can browse listings of local produce in their community, and use the app to get in contact with the growers.

Built at BluestoneHacks 2015 using Android and Parse

JMUSE Player

JMUSE is a many-format web browser audio player and audio visualizer.

JMUSE allows for WAV, MP3, MP4, FLAC, and OGG playback using the JS WebAudio API. The WebAudio API is used in conjunction with an HTML5 canvas element to provide hardware accelerated FFT visualization.


Syncspin is a music streaming web application that uses a voting system and a recommendation engine for crowdsourced curation of a playlist. Created with parties and large events in mind, Syncspin allows many people to collaborate on a playlist in real time.

Syncspin won "Best use of Intel Mashery API" at HackGT 2014.


Internets.cool is my experimental multimedia publication website. It is a place where I experiment with content delivery, audio visualization, and marketing.

Built using HTML5 Canvas, Web Audio, and javascript.

One day, I dream of this site being a social media platform for musicians and music enthusiasts.

I create dance music with trance textures, prog house builds and hip hop fundamentals.

You can find my album "Data Man, Sir" on Spotify and all major streaming platforms.

Sometimes I stream my live sets from twitch.tv and periscope.tv